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Talk to Me

I have three children, and as anyone who has more than one child knows, they are as different as night and day and ….outer space! My firstborn talks.  A lot.   With enthusiasm. My middle born is quiet.  Watchful.  Observant. My last born is a spark plug, but finding words can be a challenge, this one […]

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It’s a great day to be green!

Top o’ the morning to you! Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, a day of all things green and Irish.  A day when everyone wants to be Irish. Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t? Tis true.  He was from Scotland and his parents were Romans.  Irish raiders captured him as a teenager and took him to […]

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Maybe it’s Maybelline

Freshman year of college.  I’m sick.  Sick enough that I make an evening appointment at the health clinic. While I’m waiting for my appointment time, I hang out in the main lobby of my dorm where a MaryKay demonstration is taking place.  MaryKay is all about skin care but they carry make up as well. […]

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Pursuing Pretty

So Thursday, after a hormonally charged, emotional, nine-hours-at-two-jobs day I came home to immediately turn around and walk back out with my daughter to head to coffee doubt.  Coffee. Doubt.  A safe place at a coffee shop where young and not so young adults meet and talk about this drama we call life.  To talk […]

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