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There used to be a rhythm to the seasons and holidays.  A flow, and a pace that was pleasant and varied.  Rather like waves on the lake, or ripples in a pond, gently rolling, up and down… I miss that. It seems to me that we now brace ourselves against holidays.  Before the Halloween candy […]

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Due in part to all the traditions heaped upon it.  The music, the decorations, the gatherings. Tonight my family will gather with friends we call our Five Points Family.  It is our annual progressive dinner.  My youngest is 20 and we have been doing this since she […]

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It’s not about Tim Tebow

It’s not. As I understand it, Tim tries to be quite clear about where his ability, his talent comes from. It is a gift from God. Maybe it’s just an average gift, he’s not really superstar material is he? But what ever he has, or doesn’t have, is from God.  Same as you.  Same as […]

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