It’s not about Tim Tebow

It’s not.

As I understand it, Tim tries to be quite clear about where his ability, his talent comes from. It is a gift from God. Maybe it’s just an average gift, he’s not really superstar material is he?

But what ever he has, or doesn’t have, is from God.  Same as you.  Same as me.

You had nothing to do with the fact that you exist.  You didn’t determine your dna, your looks, your abilities, talents, race, where you would be born, or when.   Whatever you are came about apart from you.

You exist and you live and it is all due to God. You may acknowledge that, you may not.  Doesn’t change it.  You are.  And not because of anything you have done.

So, football.  Interesting 8 weeks, eh?  Seven games, losing in the final minutes.  And then – victory!

My husband and I watched the sports announcers fumble around with it this past Sunday.  They are befuddled, without explanation.

They say the Broncos are careful to credit the whole team.  Good.  Cuz it’s not about Tim Tebow.

It’s about God.

How do I know?

Because I lost an election.

I ran for the school board.  And I lost.  By one vote.  One.  I didn’t loose by a landslide, not by a handful.  I lost by one.

There was a recount.  I still didn’t win.  After the recount I was tied.


How does Wayne County settle an election result like this?  Lots are drawn.

That’s right, lots.

And then, and only then, did I win a seat on the school board.

I could hardly claim the victory as my own could I?  It wasn’t by my suave campaigning.  It wasn’t by my amazing personality, by my persuasive opinions, by my incredible ideas.

I won by “chance”.

Zechariah 4:6 came to mind at that time: “Not by might and not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.”

I served four years on the school board.  I hope I did a good job.  I wasn’t on the school board because I was amazing.  I was on the school board at the pleasure of God and he made that very clear to me at the time.

I lost.  By one vote.  We counted again.  I was tied.  We drew lots. I won.  Not by my might, not by my power.  It was by God’s Spirit.

Missed passes, losing score and then at the last possible minute – Victory.  Tim Tebow, by all accounts, is not overly impressive talent-wise, not the fastest, not the most accurate, not the biggest, not the strongest.  So, what’s up?

God.  Tim desires to be a witness to the power, creation, love, and provision of God.  Not so we can talk about Tim Tebow, but so we can talk about who Tim Tebow knows – God, the creator of the Universe.

It has always been about the amazing God.

God, who designed everything we know.  God who provided for us.  God who became a man himself called Yeshua (Jesus), born in Bethlehem.

And that, Charlie Brown, is what Christmas, and sometimes football, is all about.

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One thought on “It’s not about Tim Tebow

  1. Jacqueline

    I am so glad God gave you the talent for communication. God Bless you.

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