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If I Should Die Before I Wake…

Recognize that phrase?  It’s part of a children’s prayer… If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. I just went grocery shopping and purchased my “last supper”.  A truly bizarre combination of things that taste good to me right now.  Not much of it is food.

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And Justice For All part 3 Enter the Wise Husband

Al Pacino’s character in the movie And Justice For All reached a breaking point at the end.  He couldn’t live with the broken system anymore.  He snapped and told the truth in the courtroom, which got him forcibly removed.  And the movie ends with him sitting on the courthouse steps. It leaves me with the […]

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And Justice For All part 2 Sitting on the steps asking, What’s next?

I have been…something… lately. Numb?  Down?  Depressed?  Without joy?  Despairing? I wasn’t able to put my finger on it, what I was feeling or not feeling.  It feels like fatigue.  Tired.  No energy, no anticipation, no enthusiasm. Why?

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…And Justice For All

It is the final phrase of the Pledge of Allegience we all learned in elementary school. It is the title of a movie directed by Norman Jewison and starring Al Pacino made in 1979. It is the phrase I use to describe those moments in life when you break loose and tell it like it […]

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