A Season for Reruns

I am trapped in an inner office at work.   I am very cold.  I have the air conditioning set at a low temp so the guys installing the new carpet in the main office remain comfortable.

I am sitting amongst my desk things, but there is not a lot of order, and I have completed everything I can do for the moment. So here I sit.

I thought perhaps now would be a good time to clean out my email which is sort of like organizing your sock drawer.  Not high on the priority list, but if you are trapped and all you have is your sock drawer, you organize it.

I started alphabetically and got as far as “B” for Blogs.

Blogs.  Many of my first drafts for the Graceworks blog (no longer available) are here, having been emailed to my boss for theological review. I prefer not to publish heresy on the church website.

I have been re reading a number of the older blogs.


It seems that I have learned much, and had to actually live very little of it.  Or perhaps I am quick to learn, slow to live.

One of the blogs from a few years back references that very idea:  knowing something, believing something, and THEN having to live it out.

That is the very place I am living right now.

So perhaps it is time for some sitcom reruns.  A revisiting of ideas and thoughts.

Walk with me….

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