Cookie Cutters

Are you a baker?  I am not.  The few cookie cutters I own are used for decoration on my kitchen windowsill at Christmas.  We may have used them to make cookies.  Once.

That used to bother.  I had a preconceived idea of what made a good homemaker/mother.  Baking and cooking were high on the list.  And since they were not high on my talent list I felt like a bad mom/homemaker.

I received a piece of wisdom a very long time ago that helped me reshape my idea of a good homemaker/mother, it was this:  You have special interests and talents.  Share those with your kids.  Those will be the memories you make together.

What are my special interests?  At the time they were reading and photography.  So that’s what I did with my kids…we read books.  A LOT.  I love to read!  I could read all day, I will read anything.  So we did.

And I took pictures and they took pictures and we would get the pictures developed (back in the day) and then sometimes the photos even made it into scrapbooks and albums.  Mostly they are in boxes, but we have them.

So this is my encouragement to you…do what you love with your kids.  Moms are not cookie cutters, we are not all made the same shape/size or with identical interests/talents.

Do you like to clean?  Involve your kids.  Bake?  Cook?  Invite them to join you.  Read?  Sing?  Play an instrument? Draw?  Paint?  Repair things?

I learned sign language and taught my kids as I went.  It was great to have a “secret” language in which I could reprimand them without anyone knowing!

Whatever you do, invite your kids in, share what makes you special with them.

And above all, invite them into your relationship with God.

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