Rough Roads Ahead

My last blog, Mapping a New Route, finished with my heart’s desire for kids, yours, mine, but not just them, it’s my heart’s desire for everyone really. That we would live justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God.

So you might label my ultimate destination as Hope. Or perhaps completion in Christ. And I want to find the roads that will lead us there.

The trouble is, God rarely reveals the road ahead. We walk by faith, and the only way to do that is to stick close to him. I can’t see where I’m going, but I trust God and go with him. I often ask: What is ahead? Where does this lead? How is it all going to work out? But the answer is usually, Here’s your next step-do you trust me?

I say usually because there are a couple of instances in which God gives us a peek at the road we will travel.

For instance, in Paul’s letter to the believers in Rome, we are given the route to Hope.

Here are the directions: Start with rejoicing (yay! we’re going on a trip!) and take suffering, which will lead you to perseverance, which leads to character, which leads to hope.

That’s right this road to hope begins with suffering. Suffering? That’s where we start? And through the suffering you will persevere. Hmmmm…let’s try another trip.

Let’s chart a course to completion. This trip is mapped out in James and it too begins with joy and….trials, the testing of our faith which leads to perseverance which leads to maturity and completion. The testing of my faith? That’s not comfortable at all, that’s a rough road.

AAA could never get away with these maps. These are no scenic routes. Suffering, trials, and where’s the detour? alternate route? There isn’t one given, we are directed to persevere, endure it, there’s no other way.

Well I guess it’s time to count the cost. I have to decide if I really want to go with God. Can I trust him to be my guide? Can I trust him when life is filled with trouble, trials, frustration, suffering? Can I trust him to determine not only the destination, but the route?

It’s a serious question. It really is. Will I go “All In”? It means surrendering a lot. No actually it means surrendering everything.

I may see some nice spots along the way, but I may not get to visit them.

Can I acknowledge that I am not and will never be in control?

Jesus says he is the way (route), the truth (reality) and the life.

I could try another route, or seek another reality, but to turn away from life leaves only death.

Which way will I go? Which way will you?

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