Silent Saturday

Have you ever wondered about Saturday during Easter Weekend?  There are events that lead up to the resurrection of Jesus.   We have named the days:  Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday.

What happened Saturday?


We are not told anything about Saturday.  That long day between Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I imagine we are not told anything because those who followed Jesus could not do anything.

There may be something to be learned here.

When tragedy strikes we are stunned.  We are left with questions like:  What do we do now?

What do we DO now?

When we are in pain and grieving, we often begin to move fast, to occupy ourselves with something.

The followers of Jesus couldn’t do that.

It was the Sabbath.  The day of rest.

There were very clear restrictions on what activity was permitted before it began to be “work”.  Work was not permitted.

The day after Jesus was killed, his followers  could not do anything.  They made sure his body was in a grave before the Sabbath, before the sun set Friday night.  And then they couldn’t do anything.

They couldn’t properly prepare his body.

They couldn’t run.

They couldn’t lose themselves in work.

They had to be still.  Be still.  Rest.  Wait.

They didn’t know what was coming next.

I sense this was very carefully orchestrated by God.  Jesus’ friends experienced the worst tragedy.  They suffered the death of the one they loved,  the one they followed, the one they had put their hope in.  The one they may have dared to believe was more than just a man like them.

He is dead.  Now what?

Now nothing.  It is the Sabbath.  Rest.  Be still.

Silent Saturday.

It is something to think about the next time you experience the worst possible thing.  When you find yourself asking: What do I do now?  Maybe the initial answer should be…nothing.

I imagine that is what Jesus’ friends did Saturday.  Nothing.  Just stayed together, quietly, being scared, sad.

Remember, they had no idea what Sunday was bringing.

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One thought on “Silent Saturday

  1. God sure has a way of getting his point across. That “don’t just do something, WAIT” message is one I’ve been hearing for a while now. You’d think it would be easy to do but it is so contrary to my nature – even though I know Sunday is coming. Its just that Sunday sometimes seems such a long way off.

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