Want. What do you want?

Miss America contestants know what they want…

Miss Utah?  World Peace.

Miss Michigan?  World Peace.

Miss New York?  World Peace.

We hear them and we roll our eyes.  Yea, yea, yea, good answer.

Perhaps you also know the right thing to say when you are asked what you want?  You know how to answer in an unselfish way.

Or perhaps you are beyond wanting a special talent or a specific object?  Perhaps your wants go deeper?  Is your desire something that pains you?  Is there something you want above all else?

I’ve told this story before, but in 1988 I miscarried our second child.  I left the hospital wanting my unborn child.   When I got home I wanted my one and a half year old daughter.  I wanted to take her in my arms and hug her and love her.  She wanted scissors.

God showed me in that moment that in the same way that Anne was looking beyond me and the love I was offering, to cry after scissors, I was looking past Him for what I wanted.

Throw yourself upon God’s lap, and pour out the desires of your heart, the deepest thoughts, the things that grieve your heart.  Tell him what you want, what you desire.    But don’t jump up from his lap when you have spent your emotion.  Don’t leave after you have poured out your heart.


Want doesn’t just mean “desire”.  As in- I want the scissors.  It also can mean something is lacking, or deficient, missing.  As in- All the document is wanting is his signature.

Stay in God’s lap and let Him teach you what you lack, let Him teach you to want Him, to trust Him.

God says all you are wanting is Me.

Want Me.




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2 thoughts on “Want. What do you want?

  1. Karen

    just watched Miss Congeniality for the millionth time….

  2. Funny how I don’t really get that God merely wants me to want him. Which leaves me having to confess how I really just want to play my “god card” when its convenient than put him away until next time.

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