The Day before Christmas…

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…

We have a baby in the house, he’s not as quiet as a mouse, he makes some noise, so do his toys. But when that baby of the house is now as quiet as a mouse, don’t hear a peep, cuz he’s asleep!

The visiting baby is asleep. And my baby is asleep. My oldest is out doing some last minute shopping with her husband. My husband is working, making sure everyone gets the auto parts they need, as long as they come in before noon. And my middle child is probably grilling up steaks for folks who have decided an Outback lunch is just the thing on Christmas Eve.

All my presents are bought, wrapped and waiting. Some are known, some are surprises.

Do you give gifts that are surprises? Or do you work from a list? Do you focus on desires and dreams? Or do you like to meet needs with your gifts?

Do you use wrapping paper? Or special bags and boxes? Is wrapping part of the beauty of the season, or merely the disguise, concealing a gift’s identity?

Are you extravagant? Do you go overboard? Or are you sensible? Or do you intend to be sensible but end up going overboard once you start?

What part of this season do you enjoy most? The music? The lights?

When I harken back to what started this season of celebration, I see where many of our traditions began…

A father decided to give a gift…he didn’t keep his gift a secret, and yet it was a huge surprise.

It was a gift that satisfied desires and dreams, and yet it was a gift that was desperately needed.

The gift was wrapped in cloth and it was well disguised.

And this gift was the very definition of extravagant. A gift that contained all the love a father could give.

And when it was given there was light, a very special light. And there was music, loud, heavenly music.

A messenger announced the gift:

I bring you news of great joy for everyone! For a baby has been born, a Savior who is Christ the Lord. You will find him wrapped in cloths, the King of the Universe disguised as a baby.

He is given because his father knows what you desire and what you need.

And the cost of this gift is so great, so extravagant that there should be no doubt at all that the father has given this gift because he loves you so very much.

Merry Christmas!

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