It Takes A Village…

My phone started going off early this morning, bringing Happy Mother’s Day wishes.

The first was a number neither my phone nor I recognized.  “Uh oh,” said Larry thinking it was misdialed, “Someone’s mom isn’t getting her message.”

The second was from a friend, he and his wife mentored Larry and I in our early days of marriage.

The third was from my “oldest” friend, not that she is chronologically older than all my other friends, but having met in high school our friendship spans the most years.  This is the friend that “knew me when”.  One of the few who knows all my history, my family of origin.  The closest thing I have to a sister.

And it started me thinking.  I wouldn’t be the mother I am without these two and many, many more.

So I would like to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to my village, the women of my tribe…

First to my mom, whom I mother so very much like.  She set the example as my mom, and walked me through the earliest, scariest days, of my motherhood.  Those days before you understand how fragile your children are not, either physically or mentally.

Then to Larry’s mom who, in raising him, formed the other piece of the foundation that would become the culture of our family.  She raised me a good, good man.  I am so glad to be the mother of his children.

To Traci, who co-momed with me during the dark days of my undiagnosed depression and made those days so very much brighter by her presence, her friendship, her wisdom as a teacher, her love for me and the kids.

To Carol and my next “oldest” friend Karen.  We have been moms alongside one another, tossing our kids together in front of Beatrix Potter, or in the “toy rooms” of our homes, while we took a breath with someone safe and encouraged each other along the way.  We have made the entire journey together, and it continues…

To the Titus women of my life, those women who were just far enough ahead of me to leave me a true path to follow…Barb Withenshaw, Kathy Thornton (Mrs. T.).

To the Five Points moms, we were a village within the village, an extended family, a neighborhood like everyone should have, how grateful I am for Becky, Pattie, Chris and Tina.  You were each Mom to my kids in very special ways, and dear friends to me.

To the women who entered my village as our mothering transitions, as our children reach adulthood and we become more coach and peer and even -grandmoms…Patty, Karol, Terri, Deb, and Debbie.

To the only other man in this list, someone I never met, but he shaped my mothering in significant ways…Mr. Rogers.

To the women who became my sisters…Jackie, Terri, Laurie and Mary.

Thank you all, for being the village that has shaped me as a mother, the village that has mothered with me.

And finally to the women coming after, the younger moms of my village…Anne, Elizabeth, Jess, Christiana, Marina, Elita, Dani, Amelia, Kara, Heather, Amy, Bianca, Rachel, Hiraida… May your village be as rich as mine was with women friends and mentors.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all!



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