Well There You Go…

Stay away too long and things change.

Things like, ads appearing at the bottom of your blog.

My head must be in the sand, but I had no idea there were ads appearing at the bottom of my blog.

Color me naive, I never thought about how wordpress managed to offer these lovely templates for us to use to get our thoughts out and still managed to pay their own bills.  Now I know.  They sell advertising.

This is all very new to me, I just discovered this, oh, 30 minutes ago.  So my initial reaction was to start pulling out “boxes” and pack up my thoughts and move.

But first I logged in and started poking around.  I spotted  a “store” icon on my dashboard.  Well, I thought, let’s see what’s at the store, so I clicked on it.  I discovered that I can have an “ad free” environment, for a price.  That solves the “How do wordpress creators eat?” question.  Either I pay them or the advertisers pay them.

I am very uncomfortable with ads running at the bottom of what I hope are thoughtful, provoking or mildly amusing posts of mine.

I have no problem paying for something I use.

I must investigate further, see what my options are, and make a decision.  Of course, not moving is always easiest, but let’s not be hasty.  My thoughts and I may be moving, or I may be paying for the privilege of being here.  I don’t know which yet.

So I imagine that when you come to the end of my less than inspiring thoughts in this post, you will see some sort of video.  I didn’t choose it.  I don’t necessarily endorse it.  And some time SOON it or I will not be here.

But for now…a word from our sponsor….

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One thought on “Well There You Go…

  1. glenn

    Haven’t visited for a while so I’m catching up reading you…. Here I wait with bated breath but don’t see any videos so you must have paid your dues. Right?

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