What is on the Week of the Wedding To Do List?


It has been forever since I have written. And this is because I am focused, very narrowly focused on an event that is nine days away.

It has consumed my thoughts, though I greatly desire to give the impression that it does not.

I am a list person, and my brain races faster and faster, in tight circles like NASCARs at Bristol with things I must do, unless I commit them to a list. Paper and pen ever near me.

Yet even then my brain races. I must review the lists, condense the lists, check off the lists, and when they are messy I must recopy the lists and then *gasp* throw away the old list.

But only after compulsively checking and re checking that every task made it to the new list.

Why is it that the important things never make it to the list?

You know, the real things.  The moments that are real life and not tasks.

My daughter is getting married.  In nine days.  Nine.  Days.  And my list tells me I have…

  • Phone calls to make, one to the vet for my dog to get shots (it has to do with the wedding, really)
  • People to meet (Caterer, baker)
  • Information to dispense (187, Chicken and Sirloin)
  • Petals to count (13 orange, 13 ivory)
  • A video to create
  • Details to organize
  • Tasks to delegate
  • People to pick up at the air port
  • A program to print

Nowhere on my list do I see:

  • Laugh till you pee with old friend and brothers

I cavalierly wrote to a friend that all the important things are in place…We all have clothing to wear. People will come. Flowers will appear. The photographer will record it. The pastor will officiate the union of my daughter and her beloved. And after that…it’s just lunch and icing.

Perhaps it is time for a new list…

  • Nap
  • Sit still
  • Visit with Mom and Dad
  • Play fetch with the dog before she goes off to her doggy hotel (hence the shots)
  • Reflect on 25 years with your daughter
  • Pay Attention
  • Move slowly
  • Enjoy it all

And most importantly:

  • Laugh till you pee
  • Repeat
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3 thoughts on “What is on the Week of the Wedding To Do List?

  1. Alex Woods

    Hey Robin… one thing that is absolutely essential (in my humble opinion, of course) is to have nothing to do on the wedding day itself. You have to delegate that stuff out to somebody ELSE so that you can be with Anne as she is getting ready.


  2. Good word Alex!

  3. Wonderful thoughts… although I am a bit concerned about the growing fondness for incontinence. It will happen soon enough. LOL. Praying for a delightful, drama free day. Enjoy.

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