My old phone was giving me trouble. I have three kids in their 20s and we don’t talk on the phone as much as we text via phone. And the buttons on my old phone were only working intermittently, which made for some unique messages since I didn’t always get the letters I was trying […]

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road revisited…

I have learned a lot about God over the years.  And I trust what I have learned.  I trust that God is good.  I trust that he loves me.  I trust that he is wise.  These are things I know about God and his character.  I share these truths with people when they are hurting, […]

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A Season for Reruns

I am trapped in an inner office at work.   I am very cold.  I have the air conditioning set at a low temp so the guys installing the new carpet in the main office remain comfortable. I am sitting amongst my desk things, but there is not a lot of order, and I have completed […]

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Visual Acuity

I always seem to have a song running through my mind.  Right now it is Johnny Nash’s “I can see clearly now.” I can see clearly now, the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright […]

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Of this I am certain

Death.  Taxes. According to the old saying, these are the two things you can be certain of…

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Green and Orange?

NPR.  National Public Radio.  I’m hooked.  Especially to BBC World News.  I listen almost every morning.  But lately I have been seeing red during the broadcasts.  Actually, I am seeing red over some apparent blindness, and I will now rant about it….

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Talk to Me

I have three children, and as anyone who has more than one child knows, they are as different as night and day and ….outer space! My firstborn talks.  A lot.   With enthusiasm. My middle born is quiet.  Watchful.  Observant. My last born is a spark plug, but finding words can be a challenge, this one […]

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It’s a great day to be green!

Top o’ the morning to you! Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, a day of all things green and Irish.  A day when everyone wants to be Irish. Did you know St. Patrick wasn’t? Tis true.  He was from Scotland and his parents were Romans.  Irish raiders captured him as a teenager and took him to […]

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Maybe it’s Maybelline

Freshman year of college.  I’m sick.  Sick enough that I make an evening appointment at the health clinic. While I’m waiting for my appointment time, I hang out in the main lobby of my dorm where a MaryKay demonstration is taking place.  MaryKay is all about skin care but they carry make up as well. […]

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Pursuing Pretty

So Thursday, after a hormonally charged, emotional, nine-hours-at-two-jobs day I came home to immediately turn around and walk back out with my daughter to head to coffee doubt.  Coffee. Doubt.  A safe place at a coffee shop where young and not so young adults meet and talk about this drama we call life.  To talk […]

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