The Now and the Not Yet

It’s Friday.  Good Friday.  It’s always seemed odd to call it “good”.  We look back in history and what we see is that Friday is the day when it all came unraveled. Read more »

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Someone’s knocking at the door…

Twenty-one years ago we bought our house.  Took possession in late October.  Twenty-one years ago tonight we observed our first New Year’s Eve. Read more »

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There used to be a rhythm to the seasons and holidays.  A flow, and a pace that was pleasant and varied.  Rather like waves on the lake, or ripples in a pond, gently rolling, up and down…

I miss that.

It seems to me that we now brace ourselves against holidays.  Before the Halloween candy can go on sale, the Christmas decorations are up, and we brace ourselves, “No, not yet.”   I was in Kroger last week, December 21, and someone had put up an Easter display.  I am not making this up.  The woman behind me in line couldn’t believe it, you could feel her tensing against that rush to the next thing.  Bracing herself against the decorations that came too soon. Read more »

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Due in part to all the traditions heaped upon it.  The music, the decorations, the gatherings.

Tonight my family will gather with friends we call our Five Points Family.  It is our annual progressive dinner.  My youngest is 20 and we have been doing this since she was a preschooler.

We moved to Five Points when I was pregnant with her.  Who knew then?  Who knew that we would buy a house on a street where we would come to know and love four other families?  Who knew the friendships would last our lifetime?  Who knew? Read more »

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It’s not about Tim Tebow

It’s not.

As I understand it, Tim tries to be quite clear about where his ability, his talent comes from. It is a gift from God. Maybe it’s just an average gift, he’s not really superstar material is he?

But what ever he has, or doesn’t have, is from God.  Same as you.  Same as me. Read more »

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I read a…

According to family history my first sentence was:  I read a book.  I was in the bathtub holding a partially submerged Reader’s Digest when I made this declarative statement.

It was not only a childhood milestone, but greatly prophetic.  This is what I do.  I read books.  (Note the graphic I selected for this blogsite.) Read more »

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Well There You Go…

Stay away too long and things change.

Things like, ads appearing at the bottom of your blog.

My head must be in the sand, but I had no idea there were ads appearing at the bottom of my blog.

Color me naive, I never thought about how wordpress managed to offer these lovely templates for us to use to get our thoughts out and still managed to pay their own bills.  Now I know.  They sell advertising. Read more »

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What is on the Week of the Wedding To Do List?


It has been forever since I have written. And this is because I am focused, very narrowly focused on an event that is nine days away.

It has consumed my thoughts, though I greatly desire to give the impression that it does not.

I am a list person, and my brain races faster and faster, in tight circles like NASCARs at Bristol with things I must do, unless I commit them to a list. Paper and pen ever near me.

Yet even then my brain races. I must review the lists, condense the lists, check off the lists, and when they are messy I must recopy the lists and then *gasp* throw away the old list.

But only after compulsively checking and re checking that every task made it to the new list. Read more »

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cha·grin  (sh-grn)n. A keen feeling of mental unease, as of annoyance or embarrassment, caused by failure, disappointment, or a disconcerting event

I experienced a keen feeling of mental unease as of embarrassment this past weekend… Read more »

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Hanging by a Thread

It was a lovely night.  We had finished dinner and I suggested a walk.  For everyone’s sake, ours, the dog’s, we all need the exercise.

We started down the street and headed for the park.  It really was a beautiful evening.  It had rained earlier and was now warm and sunny.  The best of June. Read more »

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